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Saturday, 26 May 2012

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--Home Theater:
Protocol offers complete designs, equipment and installation

services for both residential and commercial applications. These

include custom home theatres and media rooms, surround sound,

distributed audio, video equipment, consumer electronics and

network equipment for both commercial and residential site.

Installing the equipment for you and turning it over after we

calibrate, install and integrated so that you can thoroughly enjoy

your system.

--Auditorium A/V:
Protocol will provide communication solutions for you with perfect

design/build approach to an A/V installation.
Protocol can design and build a custom room for your

communication needs to incorporate value-added technology

throughout entire building during the development stage and into

the construction phase. The greatest advantage of Protocol’s

design/build method is to determine what solutions and products

will maximize your value. Your custom solution will continually be

refined without large setbacks and losses of time and money.

--Live Transimmision:
Protocol Live streaming services allow you to stream live videos on

your website and deliver your video product to the Internet using

our high-speed network and Windows Media platform.
Our streaming process was designed to emulate the viewing

conditions that may be present at the end user side. The process

was designed to digitize and compress complex imagery and fast

movements for a high-quality viewing experience. If the image

involves low contrast, fast movement, or when viewed at full

screen, which will leads to breakdown of video encoding.

Considering these factors our process as refined to minimize the

choppy effects while watching streaming video over the Internet.

--Public Announcement:
Public Announcement System widely used for public announcement

in small and mid-sized auditoriums where speakers may find it

difficult to reach every corner of the room. It is also suitable for

indoor group activity leaders, where the optional headset radio

microphone is ideal for hands-free speech.
Protocol manufactures PA Systems, PA Amplifiers, PA Speakers,

Professional Amplifiers, Professional Speakers, Microphones, &

other accessories.
We manufacture and install complete range of conference system

and sound equipments such as amplifiers, microphones, speakers,

sound box, sound columns, drivers and horns, and audio mixers.

--Multi Zone Audio:
Now you can listen music throughout your Commercial/Residential

zone. With multi-zone audio systems you can listen to different

music in different rooms from difference sources and control it

with a remote. Protocol offers simple multi-zone audio systems

with full controllability of CD players, iPods and satellite radio.
Distributed audio systems is most simplistic form, distributed

audio systems take the input from a single source (like a CD

player) and distribute the sound in to multiple rooms (also known

as Zones). Each zone usually has an individual volume control

wired into the wall to give each user the ability to make volume

Multi Zone / Multi Source systems offer much more flexibility.

These systems have a separate amplifier for each zone and a

keypad in each room allows control of not only the volume etc.

even the sources. Now you can have different music playing in

different rooms.
Of course the choices don't end here. There are many ways to

achieve Multi Zone / Multi Source control and the costs rise as the

flexibility of the system and user interfaces improve.

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