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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

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Course: Oracle Finance Duration: Classes: 2 hrs

•Introduction to ERP

oIntroduction to ERP
oWhat is oracle
oHistory of Oracle & People behind Oracle Corp
oWhat is Oracle Application/E-Business suite
oVersions available in Oracle
oVersions available in Oracle Application
oWhat are major modules available in Oracle Application
oERP’s available in the market
oWhy Oracle application is so popular
oWhat Basically Implementation is?
oOverview of Implementation of Oracle Application
oCompanies Implementing Oracle Application
oHardware requirements for Oracle Application
oOverview of A I M & A I P
oJob Opportunities & Academic requirement

•Oracle General Ledger

oAbout Flexi fields in Oracle Applications
oAbout Key Flexi field in GL
oUnderstanding Business Requirement
oDesign Chart of Accounts
oSetup Value Sets
oSetup Structure
oSetup Segment Values & Segment Qualifiers
oDefine or Enable Functional Currencies
oSetup Period Types of Calendar
oUnderstanding Set of Books Mandatory Accounts
oDefine Set of Books
oAssign Set of Books to the Profile Option
oOpen/Close Accounting Periods
oUnderstanding Balance Types, Effective Data
oUnderstanding Control Totals for Journals
oEnter Journals
oReview Journals
oPosting Journals
oEnter & Posting Suspense Journals
oEnter User Define Suspense Journals
oDocument Sequence
oSetup Account Aliases
oRun Standard Report- Trail Balance – Detail
oRun Standard Report - Translation Trial Balance
oRun Revaluation
oAuto Posting Journals
oAuto Reversal Journals
oEnter Recurring Journals
oEnter Inter Company Journals
oAbout Security Rules
oAbout Cross Validation Rules
oRun Consolidation
oRun Global Consolidation
oRun Multi Reporting Currencies (MRC)
oFinancial Statement Generator (FSG)
oJournal Approval Process
oSummary Accounts
oRollup Groups

Budgets in General Ledger

oWhat is Budget
oTypes of Budget
oSetup Budget Controls
oSetup Planning Budget
oSetup Funding Budget
oApply Actual against Budget available
oApply Encumbrance against Budget available
oMaintain Mass Budget
oApply Mass Allocation against Mass Budget
oMaintain Mass Allocation
oMaintain Mass Encumbrance

•Payables Module

oSetup payment terms
oSetup distribution sets
oSetup internal banks
oSetup supplier banks
oSetup supplier
oSetup supplier list
oSetup approved supplier list
oTypes of Invoices
oEnter and Maintain Standard Invoice
oEnter and Maintain Payments
oMatching Invoice with PO
oMaintain Debit Memo
oMaintain Credit Memo
oMatch Debit Memo with Standard Invoice
oTypes of Prepayment
oMaintain Prepayment with Supplier
oApply Supplier Prepayment with Standard Invoice
oMaintain Prepayment with Employee
oMaintain Expense Report
oMaintain Purchase Order Default
oMaintain Quick Match
oMaintain Mixed Type of Invoice
oDefine Special Calendar For Withholding Invoice
oMaintain Withholding Tax of Invoice
oDefine Special Calendar for Recurring Invoice
oMaintain Recurring Invoice
oSetup Payable Options
oEnter Interest Invoice
oMaintain Refund from Supplier
oEnter Multi Currency Payments
oMaintain Invoice Batch
oMaintain Payment Batch
oRun Payable transfer to General Ledger Program

•Receivables Module

oIntroduction to Receivables
oAbout Key Flexi Fields in Receivables
oDefine Customer Class
oDefine Customer Category
oDefine Customer Types
oSetup Payment Terms
oSetup Distribution
oSets Define Remittance
oBanks Setup Customers
oBanks Define Collectors
oDefine Statement Cycle
oDefine Dunning Letter
oDefine Dunning Letter Set
oDefine Auto Cash Rule Set
oDefine Profile Customer
oClass Enter Standard
oCustomers Enter Quick Customers (Optional)
oDefine Transaction Types
oDefine Transaction Sources
oEnter and Maintain Invoice
oEnter and Maintain Debit Memo
oEnter and Maintain Credit Memo
oEnter and Maintain Deposit Type of Invoice
oEnter and Maintain Guarantee Type of Invoice
oEnter and Maintain Charge back Type of Invoice
oDefine Receipt Class
oDefine Receipt Source
oEnter and Maintain Receipts
oRaising Remittances
oView Account Overview
oView Account Details
oReceivables transfer to General Ledger

•Fixed Assets

oFlexi fields in Oracle Assets
oUpdate Category Flexi Field Values
oUpdate Location Flexi Field Values
oDefine Location
oDefine Asset Fiscal Year
oDefine Depreciation Calendar
oDefine Prorate Convention
oDefine Depreciation Method
oDefine Corporate Books
oDefine Asset Categories
oAsset Additions
oRun Depreciation

•Cash Management

oSetup Payable Required for Cash Management
oSetup Receivables Required for Cash Management
oSetup Cash Management & Profiles
oUpdate Bank Statement
oClearing of Transactions from Receivables
oUnClearing of Transactions from Receivables
oClearing of Transactions from Payables
oUnClearing of Transactions from Payables
oManual Bank Reconciliation of Receipt & Payment
oAuto Reconciliation of Receipts & Payments
oCash Forecasting

•Inventory Module

oIntroduction to Inventory
oAbout key Flexi Fields in Inventory
oSetup Item Category Flexi Field Values
oSetup System Item Flexi Field Values
oDefine Item Category Codes
oDefine Master Item Flexi Field
oAssign Item to Organization
oDefine Category Set
oDefine UN Number
oMaintain Item Status Codes
oMaintain Item Templates
oDefine UOM Classes
oDefine Unit of Measures
oDefine UOM Conversions
oDefine Hazard Classes
oDefine UN Numbers
oMaintain Inventory Periods
oPerform Miscellaneous Receipts in Inventory
oPerform Miscellaneous Issue in Inventory
oView Item On-Hand Quantity

•Purchasing Module

oIntroduction to Purchasing
oMaintain Requisition
oMaintain RFQ
oMaintain Quotations
oMaintain Quote/Quotations Analysis
oTypes of Purchasing Orders
oMethods of Creating of Purchase Orders
oManual Creation Purchase Orders
oAuto Create Purchase Order
oPrepare Standard Purchase Order
oPrepare Blanket Purchase Order
oPrepare contract Purchase Order
oPrepare Planned Purchase Order
oPrepare Blanket Release against Blanket Purchase Order
oPrepare Shipment Release against Planned Purchase Order
oPrepare Revised Purchase Order
oPrepare Revised Release
oEnter and Maintain Receipts
oTypes of Matching
oUnderstand Matching Levels
oMaintain Inspection
oMaintain Acceptance
oMaintain Rejects

•Order Management

oSetup Order Management Quick Codes
oShipment Priority
oFreight Carriers
oSales Channel
oCredit Cards Types
oMaintain Pricing List
oUpdate Pricing List
oAdd Item to Price List
oReview Pricing List
oEnter and Maintain Sales Orders
oEnter and Maintain Sales Return
oRun Receivables Interface Overview

•Human Resource Module

oIntroduction to Human Resources
oAbout key Flexi Field in US HRMS
oSetup Job Flexi Field Values
oSetup Position Flexi Field Values
oDefine Jobs
oDefine Positions
oSetup Employees
oSetup Employee as Buyers
oAssign Employees to the Users
oSetup Position Hierarchy
oRun Employee Hierarchy Report for Validation
oSetup Approval Group in Purchasing
oSetup Approval Assignment in Purchasing

•System Administration

oDefine Application User
oControl Application User
oSetup Password Limitations
oSetup Profile for Password Length
oAssign Responsibility to the User
oControl Responsibility
oSetup Menu and Function Exclusions
oSetup Profile for Monitoring Application User
oMonitoring Application Users
oDefine Responsibility
oUpdate System Profile Options
oDefine Concurrent Program
oDefine Concurrent Program Executables
oDefine User Define Application
Register User and Password in SQL
oRegister Application

Three Life Cycles with R to R

1. Procure to pay (P 2 P)
2 .Order to Cash (O 2 C)
3. FA to GL
4. Record to Report

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